Expo 2023-2024 Doha, Qatar

“Drop Water in the Ocean”  – Doha

Etienne Krähenbühl collected all the daily plastic food waste of his family in Switzerland, in the year between September 2017 and September 2018. With this harvest, the artist printed some 730 works, corresponding to two prints a day. He followed a strict protocol, considering among others the daily exterior temperatures. In so doing he curated a summary of his personal use of this material over the course of a year. Effectively he has created a universal message on ecology and climate, visible as a colourful ‘fresco’. In the framework of the International Horticultural Expo 2023 Doha Qatar, in the Swiss pavilion, which talks about sustainable development, the artist proposes creating a mobile sculpture of a big water bottle, four metres high, made of hundreds of plastic bottles. This work, apart from its aesthetics, is aimed at questioning basic issues linked to water and plastic, as well as to the waste generated by plastic. To make this sculpture, children from Doha inked these bottles and were made aware of the "magical" plastic, which deserves our repect, but it is also toxic and its use should not be trivialized in our daily lives. From an ecological point of view, it is imperative and urgent to highlight this pollution, to find other solutions. With your help, this sculpture will show how each gesture is helpful and that we, all together (citizens, consumers, the industry, economists and politicians) can act, so that our world improves and remains viable for humanity.

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